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SOrganizational Effectiveness Surveys
Organizational Surveys
Online Organizational Assessments

A Unique Learning Opportunity for Organizations

Organizational Effectiveness Survey/Online Organizational Assessment Overview

In the highly competitive global marketplace, business leaders are challenged to simultaneously identify new opportunities for growth and becoming more agile and responsive, all while leading their organizations with regard to a myriad of business challenges.
Organizational Effectiveness Surveys/Online Organizational Assessments are designed for companies that are focusing on accelerating and sustaining growth and profit.
This high-payback survey enables companies to gather important strategic actionable information and insight from their senior and mid-level managers, identifying organizational effectiveness opportunities that will contribute to accelerating profit and growth targets, and that can differentiate successful organizations from their less successful competitors.
Organizational Effectiveness Surveys/Online Organizational Assessments will enable your organization to quantify the importance of over 60 critical organizational business drivers and evaluate how well your organization is performing in each of these critical success areas. The organizational business driver categories include:
  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • Innovation
  • Structures, Systems and Processes
  • Skills and Competencies
  • Performance Measures and Reward Systems
  • Environmental, Sustainability and Responsibility

Key Benefits of Organizational Effectiveness Surveys/Online Organizational Assessments

  • Identify breakthrough performance improvement and bottom-line opportunities where line management, supported by Human Resources (HR), Organization Development (OD/OE) and other resources need to focus.
  • Assess the health of your organization and identify performance gaps for over 60 of the most critical organizational business drivers.
  • Create a roadmap for making breakthrough improvements in organizational effectiveness.
  • Enable HR and OD/OE to make more effective contributions to their organizations by focusing their energies on those areas with the highest priority and the largest performance gaps.

Online Organizational Effectiveness Survey/Online Organizational Assessment Focus

Organizational Assessment Surveys/Online Organizational Assessment Surveys are customized to meet your organization's specific needs.
Some of the key business challenges that Online Organizational Effectiveness Surveys on include:
Attracting, retaining and engaging the commitment of high-performing people
  • Strengthening your "employer of choice" reputation
  • Clarifying your company's stand as reflected in its brand, offering and employment relationship
  • Targeting your high-impact development to maximize your return-on-investment
  • Developing productive, performance-based work environments
  • Developing and maintaining the commitment of your workforce to the goals of the organization for better overall performance results
  • Clarifying your purpose and mission to inspire and engage the workforce
Strengthening your human capital performance, growth and innovation through alignment and execution
  • Building your leadership capacity for now and the future
  • Aligning and executing your strategies in a way that meets your financial goals and are consistent with your core values
  • Aligning strategies, people, systems and processes organization-wide to enhance your productivity and profitability
  • Facilitating innovation and smart risk-taking in your company
  • Leveraging and integrating new technologies to support your business
  • Increasing your flexibility in managing capacity utilization to meet changing market conditions
Increasing your Sustainability and Organizational Effectiveness through systemic and collaborative approaches
  • Strengthening your culture of collaboration, resiliency, and adaptation to change
  • Supporting organizational globalization and multiculturalism in your company
  • Solving your organizational problems systemically as opposed to solving them on a piecemeal basis
  • Adapting to new and ever-changing forms of regulation in your industry
  • Meeting your stakeholders' increasing expectations for socially responsible and sustainable business practices
  • Effectively applying organizational change principles to your business and product life cycles
  • Effectively addressing your organizational culture during organizational realignments, industry consolidations and mergers and acquisitions

Online Organizational Assessment Survey Approach and Process

Online Organizational Effectiveness Surveys/Online Organizational Assessments are conducted using the following process:
  1. The survey provides opportunities for open-ended comments on every question.
  2. Demographic questions are used to identify respondents' location, business unit, functional department, level within the organization, etc. All responses are anonymous.
  3. Organizational Effectiveness Surveys are conducted as online surveys.
  4. The survey response period is typically 3-4 weeks.

Survey Deliverables

Online Organizational Effectiveness Survey Reports include:
  1. Extensive summary tabular reports and graphs and presenting overall and detailed survey results sorted by appropriate demographic information.
  2. Comments report providing valuable information and insight for each survey question.
  3. Optional: Executive Summary Report analyzing the survey findings with recommendations (action plan) for action based on survey results. The report includes a presentation meeting with your organization's leadership team.
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