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Using Online Sales Force Surveys to
Energize Your Sales People and Increase Sales

Sales Force Surveys Identify What You Need to
Do to Achieve Breakthrough Increases in Sales

Does your company want or need to increase your sales force performance? Not sure where to start? Or have you been spending money doing things that aren't generating results in terms of increased sales?

Sales Force Surveys -- The solution for increasing sales force performance and significantly increasing sales

Conducting a sales force survey/sales force opinion survey is a low cost and highly effective way to gather comprehensive anonymous feedback from your sales force about your company's sales environment and the barriers that are keeping them from selling more, much more.
If your company is like most other companies, there is a wide difference in sales dollars and volume between your top and bottom performing sales people. Some of the products and/or services your company is selling are probably not selling as well as you expect and need them to sell. What are the causes for poor sales and what can be done to increase sales force performance and overall sales? Sales force surveys can provide the answers to these and other important questions.
Quantisoft's sales force surveys gather information and insight about the following issues affecting sales force performance:
  • Sales force perception of company image
  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Sales culture
  • Sales force empowerment
  • Sales meetings
  • Sales cycle problem resolution
  • Product and service quality, reliability and pricing
  • Sales management communications effectiveness
  • Sales force recruiting, selection and hiring
  • Sales force on-boarding
  • Sales force orientation program
  • Treatment of sales force
  • Sales force reward and recognition
  • Sales and product training availability and effectiveness
  • Sales tracking process/technology effectiveness
  • Sales performance feedback and sales mentoring effectiveness
  • Sales force satisfaction with sales compensation and benefits plans
  • Satisfaction with development and career opportunities
  • Sales goals
  • Adequacy and effectiveness of sales tools and technology (laptops, smart phones, etc.)
  • Sales programs
  • Customer awareness of and satisfaction with products and services
  • Customer service effectiveness
  • Sales support from sales management
  • Fairness in distribution of sales leads
  • Availability/adequacy of sales prospecting information databases
  • Administrative sales support
  • Likelihood of sales force staying with the company for the foreseeable future
  • Willingness of sales force to recommend company to friends/relatives for employment

Your sales force will appreciate a sales force survey/sales force opinion survey

The reaction of sales people to sales force surveys is very positive. Sales people appreciate being asked their opinions on issues that affect their ability to sell and make money. Conducting a sales force survey sends an important message to the sales force that management wants to hear their opinions and that management cares about their success. Management's decision to conduct a sales force survey also raises the sales force's expectation that sales management will take action based on the survey findings.

Achieving Results - Taking action on sales force survey findings

Sales force surveys provide information and insight for the sales force overall and sorted by region/location/department and other sales force demographics (e.g. years of service, gender, etc.). Quantisoft provides a sales force survey executive summary report that includes detailed analysis of the survey data, a summary of the survey findings and recommendations for improvements to increase sales force performance and sales. We also present the report in a meeting with your company's sales management.
Results are achieved by creating and executing a sales force survey action plan that focuses on the issues identified by the sales force survey that need improvement. Depending on the findings, actions might include dealing with an ineffective local sales manager, providing better technology for use in the field, more and better sales and/or product training, strengthening certain products and customer service, changing sales compensation, better sales force recruiting, etc. The greatest benefit comes from conducting sales force surveys annually to track progress and to identify new problems and opportunities arising during the recent year.
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