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How to Use Employee Satisfaction Surveys to
Drive Organizational and Business Performance

Conducting an Employee Survey is Easy and Highly Cost-Effective

Why Employee Satisfaction is Important

Satisfied employees are more engaged in their jobs. They work harder and smarter because they are happier with their personal situation within their organization.
Satisfied employees are more loyal and are less likely to leave your organization for a better job elsewhere. They tell friends and relatives about why they like their company (or other type of organization). Satisfied employees care more about their customers and their behavior and actions are more focused on quality and customer service excellence.
When most of your employees are highly satisfied, your organization becomes an employer of choice, making it much easier to attract and retain high performing employees. Employee satisfaction leads to higher productivity, lower costs, increased revenue and greater profit.

Conducting an Employee Satisfaction Survey/Employee Engagement Survey to Assess and Increase Satisfaction Levels

A well designed employee satisfaction survey/employee engagement survey should include many questions that assess the level of employee satisfaction across the organization and by employee demographics, including department, site location, years of service and other appropriate demographics (e.g. age, gender, ethnic background, etc.). Employee surveys that assess employee satisfaction should include multiple questions focusing on each of the following topics:
  • The Work Itself
  • Work Environment
  • Safety (for organizations where safety is a concern)
  • Having Needed Tools/Equipment and Information
  • Teamwork
  • Communications (within and between departments, from senior management, upward communications)
  • Decision Making and Empowerment
  • Quality and Customer Service
  • Work Performance and Performance Measurement
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation and Change
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Reward and Recognition
  • My Manager/My Supervisor
  • Training and Development
  • Opportunity for Advancement
  • Employee Engagement
  • Senior Management Effectiveness
  • Company Direction
  • Commitment to Our Company

Taking Action Based on Employee Satisfaction Survey/Employee Engagement Survey Findings is Essential for Achieving Bottom Line Results

Conducting a comprehensive employee survey doesn't automatically generate bottom line results. Results come from taking action based on survey results. Some organizations conduct annual employee opinion surveys and take little action. These organizations usually fail to realize meaningful results from their employee surveys.
Organizations that study the survey findings, communicate the employee survey findings to employees, create action plans to implement changes based on survey findings and get employees involved in embracing and making the changes typically achieve significant bottom line payback. Quantisoft's employee survey Executive Summary Analysis Reports and presentations to our clients' leadership enables organizations to understand the survey findings and to jump start actions to achieve significant results.
Companies that achieve significant sustainable benefits from employee surveys typically conduct the surveys annually to measure progress and to identify new problems and opportunities that keep arising in a highly competitive fast changing economy.

The Payback on Employee Surveys Can be Huge

The cost of an employee survey is typically a few thousand dollars. The cost depends on whether the survey can be conducted as an online survey only or whether paper surveys are needed for employees without access to computers with Internet access. There also are other factors affecting survey cost, but overall the cost is insignificant compared with the bottom line benefits that can be achieved from conducting employee opinion surveys and taking action based on the employee survey findings.
Employee satisfaction surveys/employee engagement surveys identify strengths and weaknesses in your organization's communications, management and leadership, entrepreneurial and innovative culture, employee engagement and all of the other topics included in the surveys (see list above). Employee surveys tell you what the opportunities for improvement are and where they are. Employee comments and suggestions provide information and insight for knowing what needs to be done. By taking action on employee survey findings, organizations with 100 employees can boost profit by tens and hundreds of thousand dollars per year. Organizations with thousands of employees can often increase their annual profit by millions of dollars.
Bottom line benefits from employee satisfaction surveys/employee engagement surveys are achieved from productivity and quality gains, increased employee and customer loyalty/retention, increases in organizational effectiveness and other cost reduction and revenue generating changes.
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