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Pinpointing Problems & Opportunities
and Measuring & Managing Change

Since September 11, 2001 we have often heard about the need to "Connect the Dots" in the war on terrorism. "Connecting the Dots" is shorthand for:
  • Having as much pertinent information as possible.
  • Collecting and sharing the information so that the right people with a need to see the information have timely and uninhibited access to it.
  • Having trained people with available time and interest to review all of the pertinent information, slicing and dicing it and looking for patterns and subtle signals that point to potential problems and opportunities.
Many businesses suffer from the same problems encountered by the intelligence agencies and Homeland Security people:
  • Managers and other decision-makers often do not have access to enough of the right current information.
  • The information they usually have consists of financial, operational and other internal measurement data that does not include "Opinion and Perception" information from customers and employees across the organization.
  • The available information is not consolidated in a meaningful way that allows for accurate diagnosis.

Surveys are the most effective way to collect customer and employee "Opinion and Perception" information and to slice, dice and view the information.

Surveys measure the pulse of your organization and enable you to connect the dots. Surveys provide the information you need to measure and manage change. When conducted periodically, you can see trends and determine if actions taken are working.

Some indicators of the need for surveys

  1. Perceived customer or employee dissatisfaction
  2. Customer attrition
  3. Need to be more competitive and profitable
  4. Need to measure performance of outsourcing suppliers
  5. Need to increase productivity, customer service and quality
  6. Perceived customer dissatisfaction
  7. Desire to make fact-based decisions
  8. Desire to hear what is on the minds of customers and employees
  9. Need to measure change and progress

Using Surveys to Measure and Manage Change

Using Surveys to Manage Change
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