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The Benefits of Online Surveys

Why Online Surveys Make Sense for Most Companies

Conducting surveys is a highly effective way to efficiently gather information, suggestions and insight from employees, customers and other groups. Over the past several years many companies have transitioned from conducting paper and phone surveys to conducting all or most of their employee surveys and customer surveys as online surveys.

Benefits and reasons for conducting an online survey include:

  • Most employees and customers of businesses use computers with Internet access at work and or at home, making it easy for them to participate in online surveys.
  • Online surveys are significantly more cost-effective than paper and phone surveys.
  • Online surveys are more accurate than paper and phone surveys. Employees and customers enter their answers directly without the need for data entry/transcription of paper and phone surveys.
  • For employees that do not use computers to do their job, designated computers can be made available for them to complete employee surveys.
  • Many companies have e-mail addresses of their business and consumer customers and it is to their advantage to collect and continuously update their customers' e-mail addresses in order to be able to send various kinds of communications, including surveys to customers.
  • Where customer e-mail addresses are not available to companies, there are other ways to get customers to participate in customer satisfaction surveys/customer opinion surveys. Other approaches include putting online survey URLs on paper register receipts, mailing paper survey requests that include online survey URLs to customers, etc.
  • Online survey results are available very quickly after the survey response period is ended because transcription/data entry is not required.
  • Online surveys can easily be conducted periodically or continuously to track trends and identify changes in employee and customer perceptions as they occur.
  • The cost for conducting online surveys is insignificant compared with the bottom line benefits when survey findings are acted on.
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