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Avoiding Employee Abuse and Discrimination Litigation --
Employee Surveys Identify and Discourage
Employee Abuse and Discrimination

Is Your Organizations Corporate Culture an
Enabler of Employee Abuse and Discrimination?

Employee abuse has many forms including verbal abuse, sexual harassment, discrimination based on age, ethnic background, gender or sexual preference, and physical abuse. Employees experiencing abuse from supervisors, managers and co-workers often are afraid to report abuse and discrimination for fear of retribution including possible loss of their job, position demotion or receiving lower pay increases.
Employee satisfaction surveys/employee engagement surveys/employee opinion surveys are a highly effective way to determine if employee abuse and discrimination are happening in an organization of any size. Boards, business owners, senior managers and human resources managers need to know if abuse and discrimination are happening and if they are, they need to take action to eliminate the abuse and/or discrimination.
Employee surveys enable employees to provide anonymous feedback about a wide range of issues that affect their satisfaction and engagement, including abuse and discrimination in the workplace.
Some organizations have corporate cultures across the organization or in specific business units that tolerate employee abuse and discrimination. Other organizations are very clear in their stated values and in their corporate culture that employee abuse and discrimination is absolutely not acceptable and that any incidents of abuse or discrimination will be dealt with quickly.
Employee satisfaction surveys/employee engagement surveys/employee opinion surveys enable any organization to identify employee abuse and discrimination situations and to pinpoint where in the organization the incidents are occurring.

Reasons to conduct employee surveys to identify and eliminate employee abuse and discrimination

  • Employee abuse and discrimination are illegal
  • Employee abuse and discrimination impact employee satisfaction, engagement and productivity
  • Employee abuse and discrimination impact company image and employee retention
  • Employee abuse and discrimination are disruptive to all employees that see the abuse/discrimination happening
  • Employee abuse and discrimination litigation and compliance related fines can be very costly and embarrassing to any organization
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